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[+18] eWhoring Ultimate GUIDE

by merl!n - 06-28-2019 - 04:56 AM
[hide]Table of Contents
- The Basics of eWhoring -
- Various Methods -
- Picture Packs/VCWs -
- Techniques -
- Tips and Tricks -

- The Basics of eWhoring -

What is eWhoring?
eWhoring is a type of Social Engineering (categorised in Hacking) and is the art of sexually manipulating men into giving you money in return for 'your' body. eWhoring is generally used in Chat Rooms, on IM (Instant Messengers) and Social Networks.

Why do people eWhore?
As you may know, there are people in the eWhoring Section, who make a hell of a lot of money from eWhoring, people who are experienced and know what they are doing can make easily over $100 in a single night. 

What skills are needed to eWhore?
There is very minimum skill needed to eWhore, generally speaking all you need to be an eWhore is a Method, Site of Traffic, a Picture Pack/VCW and Manipulation Skills. If you have all of these, it will be dead easy to make easy money from horny men online in no time!

Could eWhoring be a full time job?
If you are good at eWhoring, you could easily make it a full time job, which you could be earning a thousand weekly, which is slightly above the average earnings for someone in America! However, becoming a truly successful ewhore, can be incredibly dangerous and difficult, since it is somewhat illegal and also very hard to become good at.

Okay, I'm interested? What do I need to do?
[i]First up, you'll need a method, picture pack/VCW (Virtual Cam Whore) a way of obtaining traffic, and some manipulation skills! Once you have these acquired, choose a method, a way of getting traffic for that method, and a somewhat unsaturated Picture Pack!


- Various Methods -


Method One - Kik Messenger!

[i]Many of you would of heard of Kik Messenger for your iPhone/Android. It is an incredibly famous messenger App across the world, meaning a host spot for paedophiles! To get started with the Kik method, you'll need to download bluestacks, which can be found here . Bluestacks needs 2GB of Ram for you to run it, which is the only downfall of it, however most computers have 8GB+ now. Once you have BlueStacks downloaded, your going to want to install Kik on it, which means heading to the Google Play Store (on BlueStacks) to download it! BlueStacks is an Android Emulator for your computer, in other words, it allows you to have an application on your PC that lets it run as a phone, very handy for eWhoring. Once you got this set up, you're going to want to set up your account, which means a sexy girl profile who looks INNOCENT. Once you've done this, you're going to want to move to the Picture Packs Section.

| Method Rating: 8/10 | Saturated Rating: 9/10 | Possible Earnings Weekly: $300-500 |

Method Two - Snapchat
Almost everyone aught to of heard of Snapchat in this day and age, if you haven't your a caveman. But Snapchat is an app that allows you to send pictures for a timed amount of time to customers, this is a good thing, because an app based around pictures, when ewhoring is mostly about sending pictures, it's perfect. Although you'll struggle to find buyers on Snapchat and it's harder to keep conversation going. to download snapchat you want to download bluestacks here. Then follow the steps through to install it, then install snapchat, make a sexy girl account but look some what innocent. When this is done, move onto the pictures section or look at more methods. I found the downfall to snapchat is the amount of people who want your nudes for money are very minimal.

| Method Rating: 6/10 | Saturated Rating: 7/10 | Possible Earnings Weekly: $50-300 |

Method Three- Skype
Skype is a very very well known Instant Messenger for Hack Forums, I'd say 8/10 people on HF use it. But there is a huge market for eWhoring on Skype. However to do this, you will need a VCW, not a picture pack, VCW's are much harder to find, but potentially make 2x the profit picture pack methods do. What you want to do for the Skype method is download it from Skype.com, install it, and create an account, remember sexy but innocent. When you're done, have a look at some of the VCWs I have posted, choose the best looking one that suits you, and take it. When using the VCW you will need to use ManyCam, there is a better explanation in the picture pack/vcw section.

| Method Rating 7/10 | Saturated Rating: 5/10 | Possible Earnings Weekly: $200-$1000 |

Method Four - Dating Websites
We all know what a dating website is, matching you up with another desperate single to go on dates, however they're very unsaturated, and have potential for eWhoring. find a 'smaller' Dating Website, which isn't advertised on TV 24/7 and is some what free. There will be a list of some in the traffic section. For Dating Websites, you'll need to come up with a very big profile for this 'girl' and some dating websites even ask you to scan your ID now, which if they do, you either have to make one, find a girl with the same name, or run away forever.

| Method Rating 8/10 | Saturated Rating 4/10 | Possible Earnings Weekly: $150-$800 |

Method Five - Whatsapp
I am not fully aware on how to use this method, but what I know of now is, It's very similar to Kik with bluestacks and everything, but the method is one hell of a lot less saturated. If you have questions about this method ask Fuq, not me because I know very little.

| Method Rating 8/10 | Saturated Rating 6/10 | Possible Earnings Weekly: ???-??? |

- Picture Packs -

What is a Picture Pack?
A picture pack is a compressed folder of many pictures & sometimes a few videos, of the SAME girl. The pictures will vary from nude, selfies, teases, etc. You have two options when it comes to picture packs, you can make one, or find one on Hack Forums, I have decided to compile a list of a few threads that have downloads to picture packs.

Picture Pack Threads



How to make Picture Packs
Find a naughty website that has a lot of pictures of the same girls on it, if that doesn't make sense, PM me with a link to one I know, and I use.

- VCWs (Virtual Cam Whores) -

What is a VCW?
A VCW stands for Virtual Cam Whore and is usually a video played in Adobe Flash Player, which has several buttons called 'Commands' that allow the ewhorer to control the girl, as if she was real and on webcam. In other words, it allows you to set up a fake girl as if she was real on camera, then control her. To use a VCW, you need to find it, download it and drag and drop it into Adobe's Flash Player, which you need to search a download for. Once you've done that, you need to get ManyCam, also, and essentially, record a screen region of the girl on flash player, now on your VCW, there are buttons that say things like Wave Flash Laugh Type etc. each of these buttons make the girl do something. No this isn't a real girl sitting in your computer, each button activates a video and lines it up nicely with the previous video for realism. Generally the ones you find for free have very few commands on them.

VCW Threads



- Techniques -

They ask for previews.
Like we all dont get this... This is every single pedos dream, free nudes from a 'real' girl. To get around this you have to move away from the topic when they bring it up, for example "before I buy preview? Wink" reply with "baby pay me first [Image: wink.png] cant wait for you to get all naughty with me Wink". Never give them a preview, or if you do just a selfie, no nudes!!!

Just can't get buyers [Image: sad.png]
We all get this at first, you need to work at the manipulation skills now, make sure you don't always put 'x' on the end of your sentances, you're unbelievable. Also on the accasional message have a :* kiss. These look realistic.

I eWhored my Dad...

This pedo has some fucked up fetishes [Image: ohmy.png]!
Same. Jk, If they have weird fetishes that you cant give pictures of because they're not in your pack, then just say you will later, and never ever do it.. [Image: ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fx.hackforums.net%2Fima...oflmao.gif].


- Traffic -

Chat Rooms
(1) http://www.chat-avenue.com/
(2) http://www.teen-chat.org/
(3) http://xhamster.com/chat.php/
(4) http://www.321chat.com/
(5) http://www.xxxchatters.com/
(6) http://isexychat.com/
(7) http://www.chat-up.c...ingles-chat.php
(8) http://www.chat-budd.../teen-chat.html

Kik Traffic 
(1) http://www.kikfriend.com
(2) http://www.kikfriends.com
(3) https://play.google....ai...k&hl=en_GB
(4) http://KikSexting.com
(5) http://KikUsers.com
(6) http://SextBuddies.com
(7) http://kiknames.com
(8) http://KikMe.net
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