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These all are collection of Top 7 browser in the world that are use by all. This installer helps you to install browsers on your computer one by one that you want to use. These all are Offline versions of browsers.

Integrated Browsers (All are latest version 5/1/2020):
- Chrome
- Firefox
- Opera
- Microsoft Edge
- Safari
- Brave
- Tor Browser

Proudly Thanks To TeamOS

How To Use This:

- Extract with winrar
- run autorun.exe
- click on ''any browser'' button
- wait untill software installed (Because all softwares are silent/offline)
- Done [img=22x22][/img]

System Requirement:
Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7

Note: Sorry for inconvenience I am checked only on Windows 7. All These Works Fine.
I want to learn. If you teach me [img=22x22][/img]

No VirusTotal Report:
Because File is big in size. sorry
But it is safe for use [img=22x22][/img]
Don't be worry.

Download Link: