This is a heavily edited AddMePoint, with malware (adware) cleaned, if you've used AddMePoint bot, you can see those scripts to run are ads for the creator, but don't worry I got rid of that.

UI is also much cleaner.


VT is below, this is also coded in C# so easy to decompile (use JustDecompile to make a Visual Studio project).


If you don't have an AddMeFast account, hit Signup to AMF.

AddMeFast email in Email box, Pass in password box.

Press Login, then hit Start Bot.

You will see the progress bar loading. Every time it does a "complete load" you get points, around 20-30 each time. This is the fastest AMF bot on the market, and it's free, without malware!


Have fun!

LINK :https://shrlink.top/Sc64R4