And of course: Asking for individuals OSRS GP favorite games, place of residence, employment status, and even their contact number is extremely inappropriate for this kind of survey. Looks nakedly like an effort for gathering marketing data available. Editing this in now that I consider it The more I think about the telephone number bit, the slimier it feels to be fair. We all know fully damn well that Jagex isn't likely to call anyone who answers this survey. Leading people to provide their personal information to a survey under the guise of"Wow you're so smart, maybe we will call you for your opinions on forthcoming stuff!" Is absolutely disgusting, and if anything else, I didn't react intense enough.

The main answer I gave in this survey that I want to get around: The last decision on any material ought to be made with BOTH the community AND Jagex working together to generate content that is actually worth adding to Runescape. Players have demonstrated they'll vote yes to some pretty absurd shit (See the Tome debacle) where Jagex needs to step in and realize that asking was a mistake, even while Jagex has also demonstrated when they forge ahead on their own it does not work out well for us either. Attempting to frame this query since a either/or is leaving out a huge quantity of nuance from the problem, which is something which applies to numerous issues discussed in the survey.

This survey provides me the vibes that you guys actually want to get famous for your communicating with your community, and that you're well knowledgeable about the gambling world about you. Neither of these are especially true. Jagex"communicates" with their community more than many other games, but not nearly the most, particularlywhen you don't count polls that are crampacked full of voting biasing issues, questions which shouldn't be asked, and (what feels like) intentional misinformation or lack of crucial information needed to make an informed decision.

You are very afraid of repeatable quests cheap OSRS gold and OSRS HD that will both be optional and that will not impact you at all in any way, nor will influence Runescape for you because one is decorative and the other will not give rewards? This type of overreaction makes it difficult to choose what you are saying seriously. And new skills - these items that a large majority of players want, but maybe not quite 75 percent in any particular case - yes, truly Jagex are ignoring their entire player-base here. Don't overlook the large number of people that spite vote against pvp updates simply because they do not enjoy the community. Unpolled changes are fine if that is th