Welcome .
This method is not free , and i am giving it for free in Nulled . Someone might heard of this way of earning money , but most don't know it .
This requires some work of yours , so don't be lazy , and have faith .
Let's start ...

Now just up on the websites listed above , make account , and then , you got to onthehub and freestudentsoftware , and get free things for being a college student .
Now , the point is , what you get there for free , you have to go to ebay/amazon/craiglist/etc and sell them there .
The are many ways you can sell the software you get .
There you can get many softwares for free , like Windows 8.1 Pro which you can sell it for $100 , or Windows 10 where you could sell it for$70-$100 .
That's like $170-$200 profit , since you are not investing anything at all .
So , all of the things you get for free there , you go on ebay or amazon or whatever and sell them with a very good price .
That's all for this method , hope that you get the point , you understand , just you need some work , patience , faith !