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For this method, we will create an email address that comes with Microsoft Office and 5TB of OneDrive storage.
1. Go to freeoffice365.me
(Virustotal results: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/08a85.../detection)
2. Click on the red button that says "立即获取(GET NOW) "
[Image: https://imgur.com/Ce2SMP7.jpg]
3. Fill up the Lastname and the Firstname (Do not use your real name), the most important part is fill in the username for the email address to be created
[Image: https://imgur.com/BzHMKt3.jpg]
4. Do the reCAPTCHA and click on the yellow button that says "提交(SUBMIT)"
5. At the pop-up, click on "确认"
[Image: https://imgur.com/uPJ6s0k.jpg]
6. After your account has been created successfully, take note of the username and the default password provided (VERY IMPORTANT)
[Image: https://imgur.com/qa4u1FS.jpg]
7. Go to Microsoft Office official website office.com
8. Click on the "Sign in" button under "Welcome to Office"
[Image: https://imgur.com/WyPEK1M.jpg]
9. Enter the email address and the default password that was provided under Step 6
[Image: https://imgur.com/rTfI8SO.jpg]
10. Create a new password for this email account
[Image: https://imgur.com/XYa5rAu.jpg]
11. Congratulations! You now have Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus and 5TB of OneDrive for free! On your PC, use this email account to login to your PowerPoint/Excel/Word applications, etc.