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Among Us 2021.11.9s is a new low-volume game in the style of a series of intellectual, multiplayer and offline games, which was created in 2018 by Innersloth and released for PC. The killer is among us! A title that we have heard the name of in most circles of gamers and mobile game lovers these days, and we may have passed it out of curiosity. Among Us is the name of a popular mobile game that has gained millions of tablet fans over the past few months; People who prefer the experience of this game to any other game! An important feature of this game is the possibility of attending group and online circles; Where you can enter an adventurous spaceship with your other friends or even strangers in different parts of the world.

In this article, we have provided a computer version of the same game for you so that you can not be without experience without a mobile phone. You play the role of the crew of a spaceship that has a technical defect and you have to solve problems with the cooperation of other players. But you have to be careful; Because there is a hypocrite among you who is trying to kill others. Gradually, the killer manages to kill more than a dozen people. When you see the bodies of players in the spaceship, you have to report to others so that by holding a consultation session, they can guess the killer crew and remove him from the game with their vote. We suggest that you join the fascinating world of Among Us game and do not miss the experience of this fascinating game.Download the final version of the game Among Us with a direct link and for free from this site.

Features Among Us Cheat PC Steam Version:

    Player Sort/Imposter view
    Imposter Vision
    Vent Always
    Game Settings Hacker(Lobby)

1-. To start the game disable AV protection.
2-. Run "Among Us_Patcher.exe"
3-. Enjoy!
4-. Undetected!

File password:123

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