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Leaked From HackForums.net Bitcoin Exploit Script G2A.com

by drethak - 09-13-2020 - 12:02 PM
With this method you will be able to get anything from G2A.com completely for free. This exploit works for literally any product that is available for sale on G2A.

In the last week i saw lot of threads like:"THE NEW EXPLOIT ON G2A! GET EVERYTHING FOR FREE!"
1) In this glitch you will need Tampermonkey extension on Google Chrome.
2) The scammer wil gave you script which you will paste into Tampermonkey.
That script is changing info on Bitpay, which will change adress of g2a to adress of scammer and you will never see your money!

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ9LbqywcqY

And you are telling: Ald1slav, but what is weird in this video? Wut

1) This video was uploaded on new channel and its named G2A refund glitch
2) You cannot view counter of subscribers
3) This video has 0 dislikes
4) Every channel which is telling something like "Thanks, i refunded my money." has 0 videos

If you will be lucky, you will never see your money again. Because some .pdf files in threads like: "G2A EXPLOIT" contains viruses.

Appreciate it
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