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Search Bar

by BigMandem124! - 03-26-2020 - 05:17 AM
I might be stupid but I can’t seem to find the search bar haha can someone help
Something similar happens to me when I do seo searches on Google? why will it be if anyone can help us it would be great!
You have brought up a very superb points , regards for the post.
As i said, use the style to hide the menu and hit Enter when done typing in the search bar. I dont see why youd need another button. Thats how the default searchbar works. I think you want a go button, the kind toy see in web search bars, right? So that you wont need to hit Enter but click the button instead, right?
Hi there

Searches cannot be moved on the Favorites bar while they are currently selected. Simply select a different search and it you will be able to move it.

Well see if we can change this behavior in the next release.