Hello everybody,

The world is sicking by Covid-19, anybody are dying everyday, sad, and worried for future.

STOP your hacking, STOP sell/buy credit card, STOP sell/buy information, STOP stolen money, STOP stolen items, STOP stolen asset, STOP your illegal action.

Many people are unemployed and they worried about food for future. You should think about another people and love them. When you stolen asset from 1 people, they will hurt, angry and sad for that. Your illegal action, that action is attacking people in other countries. Your country will be losing credibility in the world by your action. The police will arrest you. Do you love your country, love people in the world?

If anybody stolen your asset everyday, what would you think about this? Very hurt, angry and sad. So DON’T stolen anybody's asset. Let find a good job and do it.

We are living in epidemic, DON’T stolen anybody's asset. Let bring good things to everybody.