Hello, this is EA Sports. We'd love to Mut 22 coins have a sit-down and discuss. We'd love to have a chat and chat with Derrick Henry, who was rated 95 by Madden NFL 22. On behalf of everyone Tennessee Titans fan, we have a bone to offer you.

Christian McCaffrey, a rival running back for the Panthers and a top running back honors. He holds a rating of 97 which is absurd given the state of his injury-plagued campaign in 2020. CMC only played in three games last season. He nonetheless ran for 225 yards and scored five touchdowns, but that was just three games. It's a tiny sample size.

Henry played in 16 out of 16 games. He also was the league's top rushing attempt (378), yards rushing (2,027) and touchdowns (17) as well as touches (397) and yards from scrimmage (2,141). There is no running back from the league has played as well like Henry over the last two seasons, CMC included.

McCaffrey's best seasons featured lesser total yards as well as yards per carry, and touchdowns than Derrick Henry in 2020. Henry is the most likely to win the rushing title the following season.

Simply said, McCaffrey is not ahead of Henry next year because there isn't any objective measure. If anything, McCaffrey's injury should be considered a disadvantage.
Madden NFL 22: Titans' Derrick Henry was second in the Madden NFL 22 rankings. RB rating
McCaffrey remains the top running back, as per video games. He's a more effective receiver that Henry (2,672 receiving yards, but no matter). Though he's a highly skilled player but it's not the only measure in which CMC is able to beat Henry. The EA Sports directors were at most sane enough to cut some points off McCaffrey's 99-point rating last year.

As we're on the subject, why is Henry not yet joined the 99 Club yet. Henry's Madden 22 score jumped three points over last year, but what's the reason he didn't get more?

He's rated below injured McCaffrey is one thing but Henry has done more than enough to confirm his status as an elite player.

Davante Adams and Aaron Donald were recently granted admission into the 99 Club. But, with the success of Henry's season as well, he is also due an award of a golden ticket.

The remaining backs are: Henry is tied by Mut 22 coins for sale Nick Chubbs, while Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook complete the top five with 95 & 94 respectively.