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Unlimited 8Ball Pool Coins! - Method - Leaked!

by merl!n - 07-04-2019 - 05:28 AM
The Method

Start a game on the 9Ball type game.
Play a game for the minimum bet, and when the game starts:
If the other person is breaking, leave the game and start a new one.
If you break first, now its the moment to watch the video in the next slide.
Video of How to do it:


After you've watched the video, you must hit the ball just like in the video. With same ball position, same cue aiming and spin. First shots will probably not be very successful, but watch the video 2-3 more times and practice the shots. (You can use a better cue if you have for a better aim, but you have to hit with beginner cue.) So when you learn the shot, start a game for the minimum bet again, and wait till the game lets the other player break first in the next two games. After that happens, start a game for the maximum bet you can play. You have 95% chance to break first. Get your win and start 2 new games for minimum bet till the game lets the other player break first twice. After that again maximum bet. This is the schedule, just repeat it as many times as you wish, and get your free leveling and coins.
• Best Regards, Band1to •
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   Best Regards, Band1to!  

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