o Go tohttps://www.yankeecandle.com/browse/candles/_/N9ye?view=Grid[/url]
o Pick any candle ( price doesn’t matter )
o Pick your method of contacting them.
o In my case the Email Method worked better. But you can use any you
o Email: [email protected][url=https://www.nulled.to/user/1574977-yankeecandle]YankeeCandle
.com or Phone number : 1-800-803-6890
o Before you call them or email them you need to make the story again.
What can we say it’s wrong about a candle? Well actually a lot “ the
smell was weak “ “ the wicks were poorly placed “ “missing wicks”. Get
creative with the story.
o If emailing, generate a receipt. ( Just to be safe make one even you are
phoning them )
o The rep should give you a code for a free replacement candle.
o You can now use this method to get a few codes and start drop shiping
these to customers houses. So, you can pick whatever platform you
prefer, Ebay, FB, Selly, Idc. And get these things shipped to wherever
you need them to go!
o NOTES : 10 Minute phone call , 24 hour response time by email.