ADALI TOOLS (TANGSHAN) CO., LTD was established in 2015, factory located in tansghan city, hebei province. At the begining, company specialized in developing and manufacturing circular saw blades for cutting ferrous metal and aluminum alloy. Through continuous technical optimization and market testing, the performance of saw blades has been greatly improved, and they have been well accepted by the market. In order to meet the increasing market demands, company began to expand business scope and developed flying saw blade and saw blades for cutting car seal strip and acrylic. Car seal saw blade is with superior performance, able to cut more than 1000 times, even better than that of Japan Kanefusa. It has been the designated saw blade for Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai. Now company is building new factory in tangshan city, which will be finished by the end of 2020. By then, several new production lines will be introduced and the productivity will be further improved.
Our Factory
Adali Tools(Tangshan) Co., Ltd was established in 2015,our company is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and production,sales & service. It covers an area of 20,000m虏 and a building area of 13,000m虏.
Adali has 20 senior engineers & 8 process engineers with rich experience in metal saw blade manufacturing. After years of technology and experience accumulation, the metal cold saw blades and aluminum alloy saw blades have stable quality and excellent cutting performance. The products are widely used in auto industry,aircraft parts manufacturing, steel and aluminum alloy mills, organic glass processing etc.
Adali Tools is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of safe, precise and efficient alloy metal circular saw blades, and strives to provide sawing solutions for customers with different requirement.Meanwhile Adali keeps making progress & innovation, work hard to improve the production process, focus on providing excellent quality circular saws and creating more value for customers.
Our Product
1. Metal cold cutting circular saw blade 2. Metal dry cutting saw blade 3. Flying saw blade 4. Aluminum alloy saw blade 5. Car sealing strip cutting saw blade 6. Acrylic cutting saw blade
Product Application
1. Metal cold cutting circular saw blade------mainly used for cutting ferrous metals, round steel, square steel, thick-walled pipes, etc., mainly used on circular saw machine.
2. Metal dry cutting saw blade------ mainly used for cutting metal profiles, such as channel steel, angle steel, square pipe, etc., mainly used on power tools.
3. Flying saw blade------mainly used for cutting steel pipes, such as online pipe cutting and car skeleton steel pipe cutting.
4. Aluminum alloy saw blade-------mainly used for cutting non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum alloy, copper, lead alloy, etc., mainly used on aluminum alloy cutting equipment.
5. Car sealing strip cutting saw blade-mainly used for cutting middle and high-end car sealing strip.
6. Acrylic cutting saw blade------mainly used for acrylic cutting.
Production Equipment
6 sets of automatic tooth brazing machines, 20 sets of saw blade grinding machines, 5 sets of tension adjustment machines, 10 sets of inspection machines, 5 sets of grinders
Our Service
鈼哖re-sale Service:
1. Provide professional consultation. Answer the professional technical questions online at any time.
2. Provide detailed information. Detailed product introduction instructions will be sent by e-mail.
3. Provide a reasonable quotation. Create the most suitable product for customer.
鈼咺n-sale Service:
1. Adopt a formal sales contract.
2. Strive to provide customer with quality products on time and in quantity, and use the best transportation method to ensure that the goods customer receive are intact.
3. Actively communicate, respect customer arrangements, and provide customers with thoughtful technical support.
鈼咥fter-sales Service:
1. Take the initiative to return visits. Keep abreast of the various situations after the customer receives the goods, such as the completeness of the product's arrival at the destination, and the initial usage, and provide corresponding solutions according to the situation.
2. Technical support. The professional technical team can solve the technical problems in the use process at any time.
3. Provide customization. If there are product requirements with special specifications, customized services can be provided if it is achievable.cheap TCT Saw Blade For Car Window Seal Cutting