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You do not have access to the auth. :(

At least 30 posts (You have )
At least 50 positive reputations (You have )
You need to fullfill both of these attributes above.

NOTE: All upgraded members have always access to the auth and can skip the requirements.

Get your Auth Key instantly
What is the AUTH System?
Our Auth System is like a login for a specific tool. Before getting access to the tool you are about to open, you will need to put your Key in, which is linked to your Forum Profile.

And where do I get that Auth Key from?
Visit this URL. Note: You need to be logged in on our Forum. Auth Page.

Is the Auth Key free?
Yes, but there are some requirements in order to get your auth key. You need at least 30 Posts and at least 50 Reputations on our Forum with your Account.

Can I skip the requirements and get my Auth key instant?
Yes. Members who are VIP, Pearl or Amber members always get their Auth Key and don't need to worry about any requirements. Simply purchase an Upgrade of your choice on and you are ready to use any tool.

I get a message that my Key is invalid. What can I do?
If you encounter any problems with your Auth Key while trying to access a tool, the best way is to just generate a new Key on our Auth Page.