This is a browser like google chrome, so u just have to use this brower instead of google chrome. Its a famous one so they are legit, they have paid more than 12millions to their users. They pay u for just use the browser and it will show u some ads.  (U can add your chrome bookmarks so ez)
*You have to use it at least 1 month, but u will see that is better than chrome because it will block all the ads, is faster, its visually like chrome and u can earn money*
Download the browser: CLICK HERE (no ref) (If u want to thanks me please use ref i will apreciate)
Install it.
Open it and do the settings like import the bookmarks from chrome.
Enjoy, u will earn BAT crypto from Brave Rewards
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/9FdhzVt
Extra 7,5 usd and more:
Theres a affiliate program that pays u 7,5usd for each invitation.
U can install the browser on your phones and earn 7,5usd for each phone or send it to your friends