I make you a transfer to the PayPal, you are to me on the BTC
I buy ETH for BTC. Have now 15 BTC.
I have 300K+ Balance PayPal. In my telegram channel, video proofs of transfers and account balance.
For stupid people who will write that this is a lie.
I have:
-Video proof of balance
-Video proof of transfer of money
-300+ reviews
-forum deposit 22.5k $
-status verified seller
-working with Escrow Serves, MM Middle Man

Who has no money, do not write to me !
I accept payment only in BTC !
I don’t make transfers 100$-500$-1000$-5000$-10000$
Minimum transfer 50k

You can see all this in my telegram channel https://t.me/Paypal_Seller_Account