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by zamasu5 - 06-14-2022 - 10:34 AM
Today I'm opening my shop on this wonderful forum, but then what am I selling?

I sell two websites with an integrated script that will empty the funds of a crypto wallet if the victim connects it to the site, the first site to steal Ethereum and the other one for Solana (yes it exists and it works very well)

Once the victim has connected his Metamask wallet (or his Phantom wallet for Solana) a signature request opens and if he signs it, the site will then take over the wallet and empty all the Ethereum of the Metamask or in the case of my second site, the Solana of the victim

The price of both is 200$ and the payment is made in the crypto of your choice, once the site is purchased I provide you with the files and an explanation of how it works, you will just have to host the site and replace my crypto address in the code with yours so that the stolen funds arrive in your wallet.

contact me in telegram : @Zamasu5

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