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This is the best method you will ever find on this or any other forum.

At least that's what I thought about this guide once I found and used it for the first time.

I've been using it and already made $900 with it! Enjoy! Smile

Here is the guide:


Or if the link is down:


How to profit with it?

So basically all you have to do is use this method to get giftcards for free. Then simply go to https://paxful.com/ and sell them instantly for Bitcoin profit. Or you could also use the giftcards to buy something from Amazon, but personally I prefer money than goods Smile

Is this really working?

This is a huge exploit that could be patched anytime, once it stops working I will make sure to edit this thread so you won't waste your time. So far it works, and this is what I got with it only today:

[Image: OLvxoNE.jpg]