[Image: Ourtime-checker-v1.1-Screenshot-by-Kidux.png]

Ourtime checker v1.1 helps you find back your account from a EmailTongueassword combo list. OurTime is an online dating app designed for singles over the age of 50. The app is simple to use and easy to understand. Features include liking individual profiles, sending messages to other singles and a “Discovery” feature to find other singles.

- Multithreading
- HTTPs, Socks4 and Socks5 proxy support
- Automatically updates proxies every 3 minutes
- Automatically saves valid accounts

How to use

Start by loading a EmailTongueassword combo list by clicking on the Load accounts button. Then, if you do not want to have automatically-updated proxies by clicking on the Auto-update proxies button, proceed to load your own proxies by clicking on the Load proxies button. Make sure to select the correct proxy type as well.

Continue by adjusting the thread count, which should depend on your computer or an RDP machine. An average computer with average internet bandwidth should set the thread count to around ~100, depending on the RAM as well. As stated before, this means the software will check 100 accounts at the same time. Higher thread count equals faster account checking.

Please note that this software uses 2Captcha in order to check accounts. Therefore, click here in order to get your own 2Captcha API key which you should input in the 2Captcha Key text field in the checker. Finally, click the Start button and the software will do the rest.

Get the Ourtime Checker v1.1 here: https://kidux.net/checkers/dating/ourtime-checker-v1-1/

I also code tools per request, feel free to contact me on Telegram (kristijan9) EM ([email protected]) and join my Telegram group: https://t.me/kiduxcheckers

If you need any software proof (screenshot, video, AnyDesk/TeamViewer, etc.) let me know and I will provide it.
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