Here you will find:

  the lowest prices, you will not find such a price in any similar service
  there are no restrictions on the issuance of lines - for ~1$ you get everything the bot finds on your request
  a large database of ~248 millions rows, cleared of garbage, and duplicates, plus periodic replenishment
  automatic purchase at any time of the day, no one needs to write and wait
  automatic payment - btcethltcbchdashusdt and other
  sorting function of files received from the bot
  support that you can contact with your questions

How the bot works:

  top up the balance for the required amount through any of the proposed payment systems
  send the bot a request in the format - 'google.com ', without protocol, slashes and parameters
  you are waiting for the result and, if you are satisfied with the number of rows found, you pay
  download the archive using the link provided by the bot and work with the received material Smile

Information and rules:

  the search for strings takes about ~30 seconds, but there may be delays of up to several minutes, depending on the workload, the bot will notify you when the result is ready
  the output time takes from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the number of rows found and the workload


  using bugs (if there are shortcomings, write to the administrator by contacts)
  spam (if the bot asks you to wait, wait, you don't need to flood)


  the bot did not issue the goods, but the money was debited from the balance
  you have paid the bill, but the balance remains the same
  if you have received the lines, you cannot return the money for them, we do not guarantee a payback, it depends only on yourself

BOT - https://t.me/sys_cloud_bot

SUPPORT - https://t.me/syscloudsupportbot

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I agree to the guarantor.